Februar 2007

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Introduction: St. Peter"s Girls" High School, Kaptere

Background to the Project

Project progress

Community Support

Challenges in Project Implementation

Pictorial Progress Report


St. Peter"s Kaptere Girls" High School is a private, girls" only secondary educational institution of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru (CDN).
The school is located in Kaptere Parish of Baringo District, and was established in Yr. 2005, and the first enrolment of students in Form One was done in the year 2005.
Currently, the school"s population, mostly drawn from Kaptere Parish stands at 247 students (98 in Form 1, 60 in Form 2 and 87 in Form 3). The population is set to increase to 300 students next year. 40% of the students hail from outside Baringo District.
Among the student population, are orphans and girls who have been rescued from early marriages, and those who have resisted FGM (female genital mutilation).
The 13 acre piece of land on which the school stands was donated to the Diocese by the community to establish a girls" school, with the aim making it a Centre of Academic Excellence, and hence contribute towards:
Uplifting the status of women in the community, to enable them make informed decisions in life,
Eradicating poverty and illiteracy
Instilling and cultivating in the girls, a culture of hard work and responsibility,
Helping the girls mature spiritually and psychologically and hence nurture good character and responsible citizenry.
The community also donated a semi-permanent structure for use as a kitchen and dining hall.
Since 2005, the school has expanded, with the construction of an administration block, 8 classrooms, and a dormitory (completed in February 2007). Also under construction is a science laboratory.

The school"s only source of revenue is the school fees charged. The money caters for food, salaries for workers and teachers, buying the educational materials, general maintenance and administration.


St. Peter"s Kaptere Girls" High School was established with the sole aim of making it a Centre of Excellence for girls" secondary education in Baringo District.
Meals for the students are prepared in a semi-permanent kitchen which was donated by the community to the school; and the students take them in an adjacent hall which was converted into a dining facility.
This structure is about 100 metres from the school facilities dormitory and the classrooms.
The kitchen, once complete will have adequate storage room (cold room) for perishable foods like meat, and well ventilated store for the grains.
The cooking unit will be constructed in such a way that little wood fuel will be used. This will be a great contribution towards conservation of the environment.
In addition, the food will be more palatable since proper chimneys will be installed to allow smoke to escape into the atmosphere.


Construction work commenced on November 2006. A lot has been done on the project; which is at the lintel level.

Remaining works include:

Floor finishing
Wall plastering
Construction of the work tops
Installation of the cooking units
Fixing doors and windows
Electrical fittings
Sanitary fittings
External works and landscaping

Construction of the kitchen was done concurrently with that of the dormitory and the laboratory.


The community has supported the project, by providing unskilled labour during the construction process, clearing the road and gathering the hardcore for a nearby site for the slab and road repairs.


Following the short rains that fell between the months of October-December 2006, the roads were rendered impassable. At some point, there was a mud slide, which cut off a section of the road leading to the Parish, and ferrying of construction material was halted for some time.
In addition, the construction committee had to hire a grader to clear the road, and a tipper (lorry) from the Ministry of Public Works (MoPW-Baringo District) to ferry murram and hardcore to repair the damaged section of the road.
Construction of the dormitory and the laboratory was being done concurrently, and this partly caused some delays in constructing the kitchen.


Current Facilities

This facility was donated to the school by
the community for temporary use as a dining hall and kitchen